Previous SNDE Annual Symposiums

30th SNDE Symposium - at the University of Central Florida, Orlando
Orlando (USA), March 16-17, 2023
ProgramCall for papersAwards, Pictures2023
Speakers: Marco Del Negro, Serena Ng

29th SNDE Symposium was arranged as a virtual event March 10-11, 2022.
Speaker: Sydney Ludvigson

28th SNDE Symposium - at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, was arranged as a virtual event September 23- 25, 2020
CP 2020, Call for PapersPictures 2020
Speakers: Bruce HansenHelene Rey

27th SNDE Symposium - at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
Texas (USA), March 28-29, 2019
CP 2019, Call for Papers
Speakers: Barbara RossiFrank Schorfeide

26th SNDE Symposium - at Keio University.
Tokyo (Japan), March 19-20, 2018
CP 2018Pictures 2018
Speakers: Chang-Jin KimJohn Stachurski

25th SNDE Symposium - ESSEC Business School / University of Evry
Paris (France), March 30-31, 2017
CP 2017, Pictures 2017
Speakers: Christian GourierouxMark Watson

24th SNDE Symposium - University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA), March 10-11, 2016
CP 2016Pictures 2016
Speakers: Timo TerasvirtaCraig Burnside

23rd SNDE Symposium - BI Norwegian Business School
Oslo (Norway), March 19-20, 2015
CP 2015Pictures 2015
Speakers: James StockMartin Eichenbaum

22nd SNDE Symposium - The Baruch College CUNY
New York City (USA), April 17-18, 2014
CP 2014
Speakers: Cars HommesSerena Ng

21st SNDE Symposium - University of Milano - Bicocca
Milan (Italy), March 28-29, 2013
CP 2013
Speaker: Sir David F. Hendry

20th SNDE Symposium - Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul (Turkey), April 5-6, 2012
CP 2012
Speaker: M. Hashem Pesaran

19th SNDE Symposium - George Washington University
Washington, D.C. (USA), March 17-18, 2011
CP 2011
Speaker: John Williams

18th SNDE Symposium - University of Piemonte Orientale
Novara (Italy), April 1-2, 2010
CP 2010
Speaker: Richard Baillie

17th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (USA), April 16-17, 2009
CP 2009
Speaker: Torben Andersen

16th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA (USA), April 3-4, 2008
CP 2008
Speaker: James Hamilton

15th SNDE Symposium - CREST-ENSAE
Paris (France), March 15-16, 2007
CP 2007
Speaker: Jean-Michel Grandmont

14th SNDE Symposium - Washington University
St. Louis, MO (USA), March 24-25, 2006
CP 2006
Speaker: Charles Nelson

13th SNDE Symposium - City University
London (U.K.), March 31-April 1, 2005
CP 2005
Speaker: Neil Shepard

12th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (USA), March 11-12, 2004
CP 2004
Speaker: Buz Brock

11th SNDE Symposium - Villa La Pietra
Florence (Italy), March 13-15, 2003
CP 2003
Speaker: Richard Day

10th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (USA), March 14-15, 2002
CP 2002
Speaker: James Ramsey

9th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (USA), March 15-16, 2001
CP 2001
Speaker: Arnold Zellner

8th SNDE Symposium - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (USA), March 16-17, 2000
CP 2000
Speaker: Ruey Tsay

7th SNDE Symposium - New York University
New York, NY (USA), March 18-19, 1999
CP 1999

6th SNDE Symposium - New York University
New York, NY (USA), March 19-20,1998
CP 1998
Speaker: Frank Diebold

Eastern Economics Association
Crystal City, VA (USA), April 4-5, 1997
CP 1997
Speaker: Edward Ott

Eastern Economics Association
Boston, MA (USA), March 15-17, 1996
CP 1996
Speaker: Bruce Hansen

Eastern Economics Association
New York, NY (USA), March 17-19, 1995
CP 1995
Speaker: Salih Neftci

Eastern Economics Association
Boston, MA (USA), 1994
CP 1994
Speaker: James Ramsey

Eastern Economics Association
Washington, DC (USA), 1993
CP 1993

SNDE Events

Upcoming Events and News

The SNDE Symposium in 2024 will be organized by the University of Padova (Italy), by the Department of Statistical Sciences jointly with the Department of Economics and Management, on March 21-22, 2024. See here for Program and Logistical details

The next SNDE session at the ASSA 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on January 5-7, 2024 in San Antonio, Texas. See details about the session here

Letter from the President - 2023

Past Events

The SNDE 2023 Workshop for Young Researchers took place virtually on November 4, 2022. Program

The SNDE Symposium in 2023 was hosted in-person at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, March 16-17, 2023. Program  

The SNDE session at the ASSA 2023 Meeting was held in New Orleans, LouisianaJanuary 8, 2023. Title of session: "Developments in Macroeconomics and Finance"

New Award from 2019: Richard T. Baillie award in Time Series Modeling